Education - #SectorUpdates

With the effects of the pandemic and the tragic second wave that touched us , the educational environment in India underwent a tectonic shift. When the customary student conversation and in-person classroom lectures abruptly disappeared from schools and universities all around the nation, India embraced the new era of remote learning with remarkably swiftness and dedication. Nearly overnight, teachers upskilled, pupils adapted to the “new normal,” and curricula were changed. With many educational institutions embracing the hybrid model, what was once thought to be a “short fix” has been the standard for the past few months and appears to be here to stay. As we have moved into the new year, digital learning will thus remain the dominant trend, with learning gaps like assessment effectiveness and curriculum efficacy taking centre stage. Many Ed tech companies have adopted the hybrid model for coaching students though schools all over have taken the offline route this academic season. India has around 3,500 EdTech startups currently. The Indian EdTech market was estimated to be worth US$ 750 million in 2020 and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 39.77 percent to US$ 4 billion by 2025.

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