Logistics & Supply Chain - #SectorUpdates

The Ministry of Railways has identified projects worth Rs 90,000 crore, or USD 10 billion which will be rolled out to help realize its aspiration of loading 3,000 million tonnes (MT) of goods. The railways, under its Mission 3000 intend to double its cargo loading from 1,418 MT in 2021-22 to 3,000 MT by 2027. The dedicated freight corridors (DFCs) are likely to play a key role in this endeavor. So far, 56 percent of the two DFCs of the railways are operational, with the completion of a majority of the network expected by 2023. The projects are likely to remove bottlenecks in the movement of freight and will give a fillip to crucial industrial goods traffic in the country. The focus will be given to smaller freight corridors for short distances, where the potential for revenue growth and goods loading are significant, such as corridors between ports and major mining areas.

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