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The Jute Industry in India is 150 years old and currently having about 93 jute mills in the country. The industry has recently emerged as one of the key sectors serving East India, particularly West Bengal. According to the Ministry of Textiles, India is the leading jute goods-producing country globally, accounting for about 70% of estimated world production most of which is consumed domestically. Sacking and Hessian exports are valued at Rs. 502.62 Cr and Rs. 363.45 Cr in 2021 – 22. Exports have grown from Rs. 428.98 Cr and 267.11 Cr in 2020 – 21. The industry is a labor-intensive industry with a high labor-to-output ratio employing two lakh workers in West Bengal and 4 lakh workers across the country. Ministry of Textiles, Government of India has framed the National Jute Board which will work towards human resource development for innovation, exploration of new ideas, and adoption of new-age technology in production. Moreover, the Government of India has initiated Market Development & Promotion scheme (MDPS)to develop, promote and expand markets for Jute and Jute diversified products within India and abroad

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