Sericulture - #SectorUpdates

Sericulture, also known as silk farming is a process of producing silk through the cultivation of silkworms. To be noted that Karnataka’s Sericulture has flourished a lot because of its mulberry cultivation because over 700000 farm families involved in this sector are concentrated in and around Karnataka and Karnataka supports almost 70% of total silk production in the country. Sericulture industry has been supported by many schemes, one of them is “Silk Samagra”, a scheme provided by the Government of India through the Central Silk Board. This is an integrated scheme that aims in improving the quality and quantity produced in the industry and empower the downtrodden section.  Sericulture industry has created employment opportunities for around 8.7 million people. Also during FY 2021-22, total earnings from Sericulture were approximately Rs. 1418.978 crores.  In India, there are private companies along with the public sector taking part in sericulture. Here it is to be highlighted that, India is the second largest silk producer and contributes around 18% to the total world silk production 80% of the total silk produced is consumed domestically and the rest is exported.

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