ESG - #SectorUpdates

SEBI has made BRSR reporting mandatory for the top 1,000 listed companies from this fiscal. While implementation of environmental, social and governance norms calls for a much desired change in business conduct, mindset and standardization, towards attaining India’s sustainable growth objectives, adoption of the same by companies has not been uniform across the country. A recent Report  on ESG  shows that the country’s top 25 companies are moving in the right direction, but majority of the companies have only adopted half-measures. One of the reasons may be high compliance costs or dearth of ESG professionals. Barely 20 per cent of the top 120 companies are registered with Science Based Target Initiatives (SBTI). This shows that there is a need for adoption of a methodical approach to reach net-zero targets. Only sectors like IT, banking, insurance and NBFCs have high scores on sustainability.

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