Pisciculture & Aquaculture - #SectorUpdates

Pisciculture addresses the cultivation and production of fish. When other aquatic animals are included we enlarge the campus to aquaculture. A huge population from South-East Asia, especially from extensive coastal areas depends on Pisciculture. Globally 18.7 million people depend on this for their livelihood. Even not being a major sector in national economies, looking at the financial dependency on this, the Government of India has looked forward to the sector and launched the “Blue Revolution” in India during the 7th FYP which targeted an improvement of aquaculture and new techniques in it and resulted in a 14.8 percent of the growth in production of aquatic products. The sector contributed 1.07 percent to India’s GDP and around 5 percent to agricultural GDP. In order to double the income of fish farmers and fishers in the country, “Pradhan Mantri Matsya Sampada Yojana” (PMMSY) has been launched in September 2020 by the Government of India. The “cluster or area-based approach” in the scheme has helped in reducing post-harvest loss, increased farmer’s income, and generate employment. After two years of existence, PMMSY has already achieved half of its goal.

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