Jute textile - #SectorUpdates

Jute textile industry is one of the major industries in Eastern India making it the second important in the textile industry mostly concentrated in West Bengal. India being a leading jute producing country in the world, about 70% of estimated world production is produced here, most of which is predominantly being used for packaging purpose in the domestic market. Jute industry being a labor intensive sector provides employment to nearly 4 million farm families among which nearly 2.6 lakhs are direct employment to the industrial workers and 1.4 lakhs employment is generated in tertiary and allied sectors. In 2022, export of raw jute in India increased to Rs. 449.40 crores from Rs. 177.43 crores in 2021 significantly. Sacking and Hessian exports were valued at Rs. 502.62 crores and Rs. 363.45 crores in 2021 – 22 growing from Rs. 428.98 crores and Rs. 267.11 crores of exports recorded during 2020-21 respectively. Government has taken several initiatives like Jute – Improved Cultivation and Advanced Retting Exercise (Jute – ICAREprogramIncentive Scheme for Acquisition of Plants and Machinery (ISAPM), Export Market Development Assistance (EMDA) and many more aiming to enhance productivity and quality of jute, improving technologies, adopting modernization, enhancing exports and many other agendas.

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