Education - #SectorUpdates

India occupies a significant position in the global education sector. One of the world’s largest networks of institutions of higher learning is found in India. The educational system still has a great deal of room for growth and progress, nevertheless here in India. With about 27% of India’s population in the 0–14 age bracket, the country’s education industry offers a wealth of growth potential. With 500 million people in the country  in the age range of 5 to 24, India presents a significant opportunity for the education sector to flourish. India’s education market is projected to be valued at US$ 225 billion by FY25, up from an estimated US$ 117 billion in FY20. More pupils than any other nation attend school here in India, with over 250 million doing so in India. In FY20, 42,343 colleges were operating in India. There were 981 universities in India as of May 17, 2021. As of February 2022, there are 8,997 total AICTE approved institutes in India. Out of these 8,997 institutes, there were 3,627 undergraduate, 4,790 postgraduate and 3,994 diploma institutes operating in India.

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