Ed-Tech - #SectorUpdates

India is the second-largest market for e-learning, just behind the United States, according to statistics. The pandemic served as a catalyst in the transformation of education in 2022 brought about by digital learning. Students can succeed at both the art of implementation and execution itself thanks to the development of digital learning platforms, which enables them to realize their full potential. Thanks to the development of new teaching, learning, and communication techniques, the system is gradually evolving. An ideal market for the expansion of digital learning is India, which has more than 700 million internet users and it is still growing in even the most remote and rural areas. More than 4,450 Edtech companies are operating in India now, serving more than 300 million students. The Indian Edtech market is anticipated to grow from US$ 700–800 million in 2021 to US$ 30 billion by 2031.  Edtech is currently a booming industry in India and an illustration of a sector that is exporting Indian pedagogy to other countries.

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