Indian Railways - #SectorUpdates

India has the fourth largest railway system in the world consisting of a total track length of 12,636,6 km with 7335 stations. Indian railway operated 13523 passenger trains and 9146 freight trains daily. The sector experienced an increase in freight earnings from US$ 15.35 billion in FY21 to US$ 18.55 billion in FY22 experiencing 20.84% growth on a YoY basis. Freight remains the key revenue-earning segment for Indian Railways, accounting for 75.2% of the total revenue in FY22. The railway sector in India aims to contribute about 1.5% to the country’s GDP. The government has allowed 100% FDI in the railway sector. The Government wants to invest US$ 120 billion in developing railway services. The Railways would make an effort to lessen its carbon footprint by getting its energy needs from renewable energy sources. Indian Railways had installed 142 MW of rooftop solar capacity and 103.4 MW of wind energy till 2022. By 2029–30, the sector plans to implement a number of initiatives to offset its expected 60 million tonnes of carbon emissions.

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