Leather - #SectorUpdates

India has immense potential in the footwear sector and can increase production and export 10 times in the near future, as per Union Commerce Minister, Piyush Goyal. About 7,000 small industry units are connected with the footwear sector which holds great significance to the economy and foreign exchange earnings of the country. Nearly 40% employed in the sector are women and for every 1000 pairs that are produced & sold, 425 jobs are secured. The Minister added that India is the second largest producer of footwear and leather garment and can become the world leader and accounts for nearly 3 bn sq. ft of the world’s tannery. He suggested the stakeholders to adopt quality control so that imports could be limited and good-quality exports may be achieved. He said strong global branding through road shows, e-platforms, and global JVs will help the sector make a mark globally.

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