Horticulture - #SectorUpdates

Horticulture can be addressed as a science, rather than an art of production by utilizing horticultural crops. In simple words, it is the art of growing fruits, vegetables, flowers, and other plants as well using usual and upgraded techniques. The process requires intense care to carry out the growing process. India comes second following china for the process of horticulture and that is surely due to the agricultural background and growth the country is having. It is noted that, in India, on average, 60% of the total population depends majorly on agriculture and that’s why horticulture has grown enormously. This is the reason horticulture contributes around 6% to India’s GDP and it also contributes 14% to India’s exports of fresh fruits and vegetables and around 16% to India’s export of processed fruit and vegetables. Hence we can say that economically, horticulture is the backbone of the Indian Economy to some extent.

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