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Globally from big corporations to small start-ups are all using ‘Design Thinking’ to enhance the growth of their businesses and to bring innovation and change. This concept has received widespread acceptance in the field of technology, FMGC products and other services required by both businesses and the society. Strategic management is the need of the hour for the Indian businesses as it provides direction to the companies and its employees. Such strategies help layout the objectives of the organization in an easy way. Although, the strategic goals of an organization are long term in nature and may take years, it undoubtedly keeps the company on track by ensuring that all their plans are in accordance with its strategic plan. In this strategic age, traditional boundaries and business verticals may not be relevant anymore. Convergent talent, disruptive thinking and connecting dots through strategic planning are the need for the future. Specifically for Indian companies, design thinking can become a huge competitive advantage so that they can sell not solely on cost arbitrage, but satisfy the more sophisticated consumer with their design thinking. Time has come when Indian businesses should move away from its dependence on analytical thinking only.

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