Agro & Food Processing - #SectorUpdates

Food Retailing in India is witnessing a progressive change with the emergence of the supermarkets and rapid expansion of organized retail sector in India across various parts of the country. Being world’s second-largest in population and having rising composition of Middle-Income group, India has emerged as the world’s most attractive retailing destinations especially in the Food & Grocery segment. The market value of Indian food retailing grew by 15.9% in 2020, with increased demand driven by precautionary buying and a spending shift from foodservice channels, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. As per estimates, organized food and grocery retail market will reach $60 billion by 2025 and the steady growth in the sector is driven by macro drivers such as increasing per capita income, urbanization, and increasing nuclear families. With the onset of the Indian e-Commerce revolution, online food retailing has been gaining prominence. Indian online food retail market is also estimated to reach $21-25 billion by 2025. Government has initiated National e-Commerce Policy intending to institute a robust framework for achieving holistic growth of the e-commerce sector. Also it has implemented National Retail Policy aiming to simplify the rules and regulations for the retail sector and expedite growth.

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