EdTech - #SectorUpdates

According to statistics, India is just behind the US as the second-largest market for online education.  Digital learning has changed the whole landscape of education in 2022 and pandemic has acted as a catalyst in this regard. The advancement of digital learning platforms allows them to succeed at the art of implementation and execution itself, allowing them to reach their full potential. The system is gradually changing as new methods of teaching, learning, and communication emerge thanks to digital learning platforms. EdTech is expected to grow at a 15.3 per cent compound annual growth rate over the next seven years. The sector has gained an investment of around $4 billion so far and it is estimated to enlarge by around $30 billion in coming 10 years. India, which has more than 700 million internet users and is still expanding in outlying rural areas, makes an ideal market for the growth of digital learning. In India, there are more than 4,450 Edtech businesses today helping more than 300 million students nationwide. Today Edtech sector is a sunshine sector in India and example of a sector that’s taking Indian pedagogy to the world.

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